Culkin kunis still dating

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Culkin kunis still dating

‘He’s so, so smart and so aware and so kind and so sweet.

Unfortunately, that’s not what people want him to be, so they write stuff.’ Kunis says journalists misconstrue facts – or ‘just make stuff up’ – about their relationship. ’” [From the Associated Press] Um, Mila Kunis, by “misconstrue” do you actually mean “completely ignore”? I knew that thing a few years ago about Culkin getting busted for drug possession, but I assumed he’d died in jail or something by now.

As child stars with more combined screen time than most adults log in a lifetime, Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin know they live in a bubble.

Yet the couple managed to keep their breakup a secret for weeks as Kunis promoted her new movie “Black Swan,” with word of the split finally coming out this week.

You two are going to have to do a lot more drugs for that day to come. Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis are shown on 1/21/04 at the Motorola Lodge at Sundance in the header and on 8/25/06 at Culkin’s 26th birthday, below.

A couple of days ago Macaulay Culkin performed his first interview in about ten years, talking about what the hell he had been up to in the interim, and that’s sparked some interest in the guy all over again.

There’s been rumors that Culkin, the “Home Alone” star, couldn’t deal with the rising popularity of Kunis, star of “That 70s Show” and a voice on “Family Guy.” But that strikes me as false.‘At one point, they were like, `Seen shopping in Beverly Hills for engagement rings,’” she says. Maybe moved to North Dakota to just get away from it all.I did not think he was cooking dinners for a hot girl.I can’t really explain it, but they seem like an odd couple. Yeah, the free one that comes with your Sunday paper. The former child star’s girlfriend says he’s a homebody.Culkin, star of the 1990 comedy ‘Home Alone,’ has been dating actress Mila Kunis for nearly six years; Kunis, who co-starred on TV’s ‘That 70′s Show,’ says they make a low-key couple.

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