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Dating matchmaking online tickle

Read more Are you in need of a V-Day date or do you just want a backup in case the red roses aren’t delivered on time?

Not to fret, Planned Parenthood already hired Cupid to send a little arrow your way!

Perhaps self-explanatory, virginity testing evaluates whether a woman is a virgin.

The assessment is integral to wedding tradition in the…

Her accomplishments caught the attention of National Geographic, which plans to release a feature-length documentary about her… I am not paid for anytime I spend outside the classroom, including emailing and grading.

Yet, after giving teaching up for a year, I felt like I had cut out an essential part of my body.

Read more If you believed some things were better left to the genius of Margaret Atwood, you’d be wrong.But a new article from the Cut alleges that in practice, trans women — especially trans women of color — are still subject to stigma and disproportionate levels of arrest.Emma Whitford’s “When Walking While Trans Is a Crime,” published this…MOVIES Winchester Helen Mirren stars as the widow of a gun manufacturer who is convinced she is haunted by ghosts of…Read more Yesterday, California Congresswoman and certified badass Maxine Waters issued a response to Trump’s Tuesday State of the Union.

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