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Simocatta, writing at the climax of his later war against the Romans, was far from objective.

Bahrām marched across Iran, presumably along the northern edge of the plateau, repulsed a Roman-sponsored attack by Iberians and others on Azerbaijan (Ādurbādagān, Atropatene; see , pp. He then turned south towards Media where Sasanian kings customarily spent the summer months.

He is a giant figure who towers over the Middle East in the last few decades before the coming of Islam. He lost his throne, then recovered it with Roman help, and, a decade later, went on to emulate the feats of the Achaemenids, conquering the rich Roman provinces of the Middle East, including Egypt, before a sudden vertiginous fall at the very apogee of his career.

The principal extant history of the period, written in Armenia in the early 650s, was appropriately entitled (Ps.-Sebeos, p. He is rightly accorded a great deal of space in the ), the last harsh phase of his rule, his deposition and execution.

From this bridgehead he opened negotiations with the Iberian nobility, the , and, by offering inducements and guaranteeing their hereditary rights, secured the formal submission (manifested in tributary payments) of all Iberia, apart from two highland areas held by the two branches of the royal family. By the end of 588 the military crisis had been surmounted.

Within a very few years, as Iran was gripped by crisis, fighting on two fronts against the Romans in the west and the Turks in the north-east, he was recalled from Albania to his father’s side. The Romans had been fought to a standstill (a mutiny halted all offensive operations in 588).

At this the troops camped outside Nisibis, the main Persian city in northern Mesopotamia, rebelled and made common cause with Bahrām.

Uncertainty, however, surrounds Ḵosrow’s precise role in the events surrounding the deposition, blinding and later execution of his father.

Sasanian sources dating from his reign could not be expected to be candid about so sensitive a matter.

ḴOSROW II, the last great king of the Sasanian dynasty (590-628; Figure 1, Table 1).

Ḵosrow II (Khosrow II) was the last great king of the Sasanian dynasty. Ḵosrow was held personally responsible for the destruction of the old world order.

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He had no difficulty in gaining the support of his troops, whom, he claimed, Hormozd meant to deprive of all the spoils of victory (Ps.-Sebeos, pp. While little is known of the early life of Ḵosrow, information is relatively plentiful about the circumstances of his accession.

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