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Galgameth online dating

This film is a horrifying reminder of those awful days.

Instead, a non-action star shows us what non-action looks like in the least adventurous adventure movie ever made. Well that period was a dark time we like to call "The Ice Age" and Vanilla Ice, the mind-child of men in ties, led the charge against good art.

That makes this episode a bit on the long side but we had quite a bit to say about this years field. The Wild Card - Good Neighbor, Bad Neighbor Sean Astin Brenden Fraser Pauly Shore The hottest awards for bad films in 2016 are here and the winners are all set. Lets just start by saying this film is way too long. Woody Harrelson steals the show with his terrible hippie Art Bell. John Cusask shows us why he went straight to VOD after this. Its that old tale of a man who smokes a little pot, eats an entire turkey and those goes on a tryptophan fueled and murderous rampage by becoming a freaking turkey. The production values are incredibly poor with poor lighting, out of focus shots, terrible set design and horrible acting. , Monster A Go-Go, The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies, or anything starring Tor Johnson.

Listen to the 2016 SMABFA Podcast and check out all the nominees and winners below. Is their military only made of ninja or are they more like the secret police? I personally believe that someone, probably Pakistan, would have bombed Parmistan back into the Stone Age, but Parmistan never got out of the Stone Age so I guess bomb them back to the times of the dinosaurs (they may also have dinosaurs). By the 3/4 point even the diehard dumb movie viewer is tired and bored of the "excitement". That would be ok if you could possibly be emotionally invested in the characters in anyway. His Jackson Curtis is about the least likable character in all of film. But as mentioned they eventually become stale, bogged down by the surrounding idiocy of the script. So 2012 was a sure disappointment on second viewing. How this managed to get past the MST3K crew is a mystery deeper than where the hell is Amelia Earhardt. Its so riffable as it is terribly paced and stuffed with ridiculous scenarios and dialogue.

While it's just a sequel to arguably the buttest of all movies, Days of Thunder is a lot more fun. Despite how bad the science is, it's really the most forgivable part of this turd. Ben Affleck and Liv Taylor are the most nausea promoting couple that's ever existed.

Replace Tom Skeritt with a Robert Duvall and put him in a foot race with Tom Cruises and you've got Top Gun 2: Days of Thunder.

Any reference to how dumb Vanilla Ice is, will be reference to how stupid the men behind the image of Vanilla Ice were (record producers, MTV execs, publicists, etc.).

Even the shirts worn in this thing don't make sense. Neil Breen stars, directs, produces, writes, edits, et al. I'm sorry Wiseau, you're a lot of fun, but Neil Breen is the true auteur of insane vanity. It's a pretty great time and shouldn't be missed by any fan of bad movies. When the people ask for a Top Gun sequel they get it!He does so many things in the making of this film that he even tried (TRIED) to disguise all the things he did (including catering & casting) in the credits but then tells us that he disguised the credits. We won't discuss any plot points but here's some highlights of the "content" - magic? This episode we each countdown our 4-1 picks, as well as our favorite movies of 2016. When he died she took over the fleet of over 300 junks and 40,000 men. Streaming Do's and Don'ts Gantz: O - Netflix Supersonic Man - Rifftrax - Amazon Prime Super Inframan - Amazon Prime The Wild Card - The Great Superpower Debate Water Freeze Man - 8.75/10 Stars Jackie brings in the first Fred Olen Ray film in that old tale of hookers on a hellbent rampage with some nasty chainsaws and lots of boobies. They are complete opposites and tie right into the ol' straight-man/goof-ball model. So while it stars Tom Cruises, who is despicable in 99% of his films, and Jerry Bruckheimer produced it (with Don Simpson), it's still a pretty fun time on the revisit. Be stabbed the Last Unicorn or eaten by Clifford the Big Red Dog Drowning via Loch Ness Monster or Drawn and Quartered by Sasquatch Not worth going over..... Thank you for the years of listening to our prelude episodes. Bruce Willis isn't much better but it's hard to compete with the vomit couple. This week on the greatest podcast about bad movies, Sam decides to punish us for 2 1/2 hours with both Michael Bay and Bruce Willis' first appearance on the show.Need to seduce the popular girl and become prom-king? Dave's reply: "He's that exchange student I told you about." Mom: "Oh..I forget crap all the time! So much fun and shenanigans make Encino Man a great revisit from a popular film that shouldn't stand up to time but totally does. Individual Ratings: Over the top action: Cheesy effects: Horrendous acting: Laugh-out-loud-ability: Ridiculous stunts: Gratuitous nudity: Memorable one-liners: Riffability: Overall Ratings: Good Movie Quality: Bad Movie Quality: After weeks of pitching a fit, Jackie is subjected to a film she appears to be not much of a fan of. Ok..she starts an employment agency that specializes in finding placement for women that are exactly like she was. TV & Fandor Manhattan Chase - Amazon Prime Phenomena - Amazon Prime The Wild Card - The Great Superpower Debate Being a Vulcan - 2.5/10 stars (Not good)Roland pulls out all the stops in the disaster genre by blowing up the entire planet (sorta). His skin changes shades of orange and he's just as confused with the film as we are. Except for Alicia Witt, she gets sexually assaulted maybe more than any actress ever by an A-Lister.... The world won't be too surprised but Leelee Sobieski stinks. Streaming Do's and Don'ts Serpent's Lair - Amazon Prime The Howling VI - Amazon Prime Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors - Rent from take your pick The Wild Card - Good Neighbor, Bad Neighbor - the Pacino edition Michael Coreleone - The Godfather series Lt. Frank Slade - Scent of a Woman The Devil - The Devil's Advocate any other role ever....Dig a swimming pool by yourself with just a shovel. So you find a put him in a shed with heaters so that he will thaw out....while you're at school. Believe that the pile of melted ice in said shed means that the caveman melted along with the ice. Believe that being friends with a caveman will make you popular at school and get the girl. Even Dave's parents are potheads as evidenced by "Who is this caveman-looking-guy? It's the story of a caveman frozen in ice for millennia only to thawed out in early 90's So Cal...possibly horrors will he (or us) face in Encino Man?!?! We take a look at each of the films and share our meat and two bits with you! Ok....then she uses them, ruining their lives, as part of her revenge plot against Bob and Mary. She exploits their weaknesses just as had been done upon her. In the end, take away these massively unlikable and unenjoyable characters and your left with a film with a poor story, little to none quality humor, absent directing, and too many cooks trying to pull the film into different directions of a women's empowerment piece and a screwball comedy and accomplishes neither of them. Roseanne Barr and Meryll Streep join up to deliver the yucks and yuck is what they deliver in a tale about a scorned middle-American housewife revengifying the atrocities committed upon her person and also liberating womankind from oppressions. Listener Feedback @Stinker Madness Inappreciate you guys redoing a whole show to get it on the air. Bad science and bad acting abound in one heck of a production, but does that translate into a good time? This episode of the podcast centers around the classic Thanksgiving film from 1972, Blood Freak. Blood Freak is freaking insane and one of the worst movies ever made.

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It's known to be one of the biggest flops of cinema history and a career-ender for everyone involved except for the director who is at fault more than anyone. It's that old story of boy meets girl, boy gets frozen in a glacier and then boy meets potheads and learns the wonders of the doobage. It has that strange ability to be not funny but fun throughout. Her husband's a t**t, society told her that she's growdy and that darn Mary is just everywhere reminding her how inferior she is. While completely outlandish and bonkers, this film never gets into that dangerous 70's live-action cartoon territory (we're talking to you C. ) and some of the character motivations are...unexpected, this film delivers something that most modern comedy can't - legitimate laughs mixed with over-the-top shenanigans.

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