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their unit was ordered to "move out and engage the enemy." The aim, he recalled, was to take pressure off other companies so they could evacuate their dead and wounded.Mac Farland joined other soldiers in going over the wall, firing his rifle as he stepped into the rice paddy."Although Erevia could have taken cover with the rest of the group," Mac Farland wrote, "he realized that action must be taken immediately if they were able to be relieved from the precarious situation they were now in." Mac Farland, a 23-year-old college student who had been drafted, spent weeks working on the nomination, sure that Erevia, a 23-year-old high school dropout who had enlisted, would be awarded the medal.Mac Farland sent the recommendation up the chain of command.

He thought of writing Erevia to say he was sorry the recommendation fell short. "This became one of the ghosts that haunted me," Mac Farland said.It was the sweltering summer of 1969, about a month after the fierce battle of Tam Ky in South Vietnam.Mac Farland had been ordered to write a recommendation nominating Spc.When another soldier fell wounded, Mac Farland rushed to his aid.Erevia came over to Mac Farland and the wounded soldier and asked whether they had any extra ammunition.

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The wounded man handed Erevia his M-16 rifle, magazines of ammunition and several hand grenades.

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