Sex and the city shopping online

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Sex and the city shopping online

Sources involved in production exclusively told Daily Mail TV the reason why the sure-to-be blockbuster has been shelved and they blame it solely on Cattrall, who would have been reprising her role as Samantha Jones.A source said: 'The only reason this movie isn't being made is because of Kim Cattrall. ' Another added: 'This franchise made her and let's be frank, it's all she is really known for.'Cast and crew don't just show up to make a movie, they have to rearrange their lives.

Going forward that's how I feel, I'm on the front foot not my backfoot.'Cattrall also scoffed at the notion that she was ever close to signing on to the film, telling Morgan that she declined an offer to return as sex-positive publicist Samantha Jones."' said Cattrall (Davis, Parker and Nixon above in 2002) Heading to the bank: The women have certainly been valuable players to the studio.The first 'Sex and the City' film was made for million and grossed 5 million worldwide while the sequel (above) brought in 0 million on a 0 million budget The exact demands that Cattrall made were not revealed by sources, but she has certainly been a valuable player to the studio.She ad Cattrall are both single, though Davis has never before been married while her older co-star has twice walked down the aisle.Cattrall told Morgan that she had no idea when she last spoke to her co-stars, and that no one was reaching out when the reports began circulating about her holding up the film.'And that's another thing that's really disappointing is that nobody ever picks up the phone and tries to contact you and say, 'how you doing?

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However, the studio can no longer move ahead as Cattrall, 61, demanded they produce other movies she had in development or she wouldn't sign up for the project.