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Sex chart website without memebership

She forced your world to revolve around her for 10 long weeks. You didn’t think you could just move away from all that and be happy, did you?

Maybe she did intend to pay you back when she said she would – ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ – but now she has something she didn’t even know she wanted: Your attention. Maybe my read on the situation has too much in common with Tana French’s novel you’re a better judge than me of whether any of this reads true.

First bit of background: I recently got married and moved to another country VERY far away.

It’s been almost a year now and really wonderful (except where my sister is concerned).

My parents love to tell me how great she’s doing, how much money she’s making and how great it is she can afford to travel so much, and she didn’t need to even move out of the US. You started a new life, surrounded by people who like you and treat you well.

My sister and I grew up incredibly close and she was an ally to me with our parents/extended family (usually).Also at one point her wallet was stolen/lost and she had to get new cards sent ect which took a while.Recipe for disaster I know (now) but I also know how much she makes (ALOT more than me – we’re talking mid 6 figures) and that she would definitely be able to pay back.Everything is about her even when she literally lit the kitchen on fire – really tho, big fire (really long story).Apparently it’s so hard for her to be home all day with nothing to do but refuses to do anything by herself (except lighting the kitchen on fire – that was all her).

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